Inclement Weather FAQ

Inclement Weather FAQ
Posted on 11/14/2018
Winter Weather

From time to time, inclement weather conditions or equipment malfunctions can interfere with the school schedule.  It is not unusual for Triad schools to close due to inclement weather based on the fact that the majority of our students are transported on buses.  Even smaller amounts of snow, when combined with high winds, pose real problems in terms of drifting in the rural areas of Marine, St. Jacob, and Troy.  Cold temperatures alone typically don’t necessitate the need to cancel school unless the temperature combined with negative wind chills or hazardous road conditions make it too unsafe to transport the students by bus.

Student safety is the district’s number one priority.  It is not always easy to predict how the weather will impact the road conditions and parking lots in our area.  Area superintendents work together when determining school closures; however, the weather does not always affect all surrounding communities the same way. 

Parents can expect information regarding the closing of 
school or an early dismissal to be released to the following:

  • Triad CUSD #2  App (Available in (Google Play or Apple App Store search for "Triad Comm Unit SD 2")
  • Parent Notification System (voice message, email, and text messaging - be sure to subscribe for text messaging, text the word SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453)
  • News Media - FOX 2, KMOV 4, and KSDK 5
  • District Website -
  • District Social Media Accounts [] or [ or follow @triadnews]

Winter Weather Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When (What time) is the decision made to cancel school for inclement weather?
The following provides guidelines for providing notification of a school closing:

Closing the Night Before

* Superintendents are in communication with each other as early as possible.
* The decision to cancel school is typically made no later than 9:00 pm so that notification of the closing can be viewed on the 10:00 pm news. 

The decision to close school is always made at the earliest reasonable time.  The automated calling system is activated once the decision is made.  Please note the automated calling system must call nearly 8,000 numbers when Triad CUSD #2 sends an “all call” to our employees and students.  It is important that families not rely on the automated calling system as the only source of information, as there is always the possibility of a system delay in calling or a technical difficulty.  Please always check other sources for notification (news media, district web site, twitter: @TriadNews, and Facebook: @Triad on days of inclement weather.

Closing the Morning of School

* Superintendents awake around 4:00 am to evaluate conditions and weather forecasts and begin communicating with each other.
* Superintendent and Operations Director (Transportation) evaluate the safety of bus routes.  
* All information is gathered and the decision is typically made by 5:00 am so that notification of the closing can be viewed on the web site prior to the first bus pick-up at 5:50 am.

Q: What factor(s) determine when school will be canceled?
Each school district has unique circumstances to evaluate when making the decision to cancel school. Considerations common to Triad CUSD #2 are as follows:

Road Conditions

* In general, are the roads safe for travel? 
* Can school busses adequately maneuver in town and rural routes?
* Has IDOT issued any warnings or guidelines?

Parking Lot Conditions

* Are school parking lots clear for drivers?
* Does school personnel have enough time to prepare sidewalks and entrances?

Temperatures/Wind Chill

*Are wind chill temperatures safe for students as they walk to school or wait at bus stops?
* Are wind chill temperatures so extreme that automobile and bus reliability is in question?
* Triad CUSD #2 uses the mid -20 degree wind chill as a benchmark on the National Weather Service chart below to cancel school. The district may cancel school for wind chills less than the mid -20 degrees if other factors are present that impact safety.


* What are current weather conditions?
* What is the weather forecast? 
* What issues will incoming weather potentially create?

Other School Districts

* What decisions are being made by other area school districts? 
* How will their decision impact shared services, common classrooms, or shared events?
* This list is not all-inclusive, but it provides an idea of the issues that are considered when making the decision to cancel school.

Want to know more about how the District communicates with parents and guardians in emergency situations? Visit our Safety & Parent Notification Web Page.