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5TH  Annual Scrapbooking Event

725 West Division St., Marine, IL 62061

The 5th Annual Scrapbooking Event will take place on November 8th, 2014 at Marine Elementary.
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Marine's Monthly Message

Good Afternoon Marine Parents,

It is hard to believe that September has come to an end already!  This means we are half way through the first quarter.  First quarter will officially end on October 20th. Below are the September hi-lites and future events to put on your calendars for October. The fall is always a good time here at Marine Elementary.

Our teachers have begun preparing for Parent-Teacher conferences!!!   We will once again provide Marine parents the opportunity to sign up for conference times on-line.  I have included the link to each teacher’s sign-up page for your convenience.

KDG   Mrs. DeMange

1st   Mrs. Machuca

2nd Ms. Ogden

3rd/ 4th Mrs. Logan  

5th   Mr. Walter

This week we started our School Mall fundraiser. To date we have had 65+ students return their books completed!  What a great start and it helps our school raise money.  We will be collecting booklets until tomorrow.  We will be raffling off “Joe Bot the Robot” at the end of the day on Friday.  Please turn in your book if you still have it!  Thanks for your help!

October is our safety drill month!!  We have been conducting a variety of safety drills to ensure our students are prepared. We started with bus evacuations and Fire drills.  Everyone took it very seriously and followed the directions provided for their classrooms.  Great job Marine Grade School! We will continue to have other safety drills for fire, severe weather, Code Red In, and earthquake as the year progresses.

Marine student attendance was strong for the month of September with 97.5% of our students attending all month long.  Just a reminder we will be celebrating those students that have perfect attendance at the end of each quarter.  If your student will not be in attendance at school, please be sure to contact the Marine Office via phone or email regarding your child’s absence. 

Marine Elementary was fortunate to receive several donations this month.  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone in our community who donated. 

  1. The St. Jacob / Marine Jaycees held their annual back to school BBQ this month.  Despite the hot weather, they had a great crowd and donated $550 to Marine Elementary. 


  2. The Troy Chamber of Commerce and Scott Credit Union teamed together and provided Marine Elementary with a $400 donation to support our Red Ribbon Week that is held in October.  This is an important program at the elementary level to help make students aware of how to make healthy life choices.

  3. Target donated $250.  Thank you to all of our community members that remembered when they were shopping to select Marine Elementary as their school of choice for the 1% Target Give Back Donation.

  4. The Marine United Church of Christ and the Knights of Columbus for graciously donating school supplies to Marine Elementary.  Our students will put these items to good use.

Everyone at Marine Elementary is learning how to be Earth friendly!  Mr. Walter’s fifth grade class has its very own compost pile that they are keeping data on for science.  Our Recycle Club also held its kick off this month.  We will begin collecting cell phones in October for our monthly recycle contest.

Parents in the morning please remember the drop off etiquette and park your vehicle if you need to get out of the car.  This will help maintain a consistent lane of traffic so students know which vehicles are in motion.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and thank you in advance for helping keep our students safe.

Mark your calendars for the following important events!  We have a busy month ahead of us. Flyers will be coming home as the dates get closer.J

  • October 6th The Fire Department plans to have their annual drill and visit at Marine Elementary. 

  • October 10th No School/ Teachers Institute

  • October 17th is the Kindergarten Field Trip.

  • October 17th is the monthly Friday Fling!  Bring a $1 for a special treat.

  • October 20th -24th Red Ribbon Week!  A flyer will be coming home with more information about this week.

  • October 23rd from 6pm-8pm is Marine’s Annual Fall Fest!!  Come join in on all the fun!

  • October 22nd – 29th is our Fall Book Fair!  It will also be open the evening of Fall Fest!

  •  October 31st is a ½ day of student attendance with dismissal at 11:45.  We will be having the annual Pumpkin Drop at 9:30 and Halloween parties that day at 10:30.


The Triad Code word for the month of October is Responsibility.  Our students are always practicing responsible behavior in and out of school with homework and being a good citizen.  We will continue to work on this all month long!

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns our doors are always open.  I look forward to the month of October as we have a lot of fun fall activities planned. 


Renee Iberg

Marine Elementary Principal

Hornet Picture Hi-lites!

View the latest happenings at Marine Elementary by following our pictures below!!





Start & End of School Procedures

We recognize that at the start of each school year it is difficult for our younger students to transition to daily school attendance and the process of "letting parents go" for the entire day can be daunting.  The front of our building and lobby provides for a great transition point for a parent to say their last goodbye, supportive hug and encouraging wave to their child.  Although it is difficult as a parent to let go, understand that the longer this transition occurs, the more anxious the child becomes.  Please be assured that your child will calm down once they get inside. If for any reason your child does not calm down, we will contact you. We would prefer that parents refrain from entering the gym during our morning activities and anyone wishing to visit a classroom must obtain a visitor pass from the office.  


Obviously, the end of the school day is marked by an entirely different emotion as the children express their excitement to see parents again and talk about the classroom events that occurred during their school day.  I would like to remind those parents who are picking up, that for the safety of all of the children in our building, we do not want students leaving the front of the building without an adult escort.  Please park your car and cross the circle drive to meet your child.  The circle drive is reserved for bus entry only.  Please exercise caution as you move your car through our parking area to an open space.


8:25 Doors will open for students and they will report to the classroom unless they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Please do not bring children to school earlier, since there is no supervision available unless they are enrolled in latchkey.

8:40 Breakfast ends.  Children who arrive after 8:40 must be accompanied by an adult to sign in at the office.
3:00 Non-bus students are dismissed. If you plan to pick up your child, please pick them up in the front parking lot.

Please do NOT park in the circle drive. It is a fire lane.

3:05 Bus students are dismissed.




District Introduces Before and After School Service

Triad is pleased to offer safe, high quality, before and after school programming for K-5 children enrolled in Triad Community Unit School District #2 buildings. The "Beyond the Bell" program provides extended-day care in each of our elementary schools that successfully connects the educational school day with those additional hours that children may need to stay at school. Each building offers the ideal combination of quiet time, homework time, play time and fun. For More Details ]  

[ To Register and Pay Fees ]


Join us and get all of the Hornet News as soon as it happens! A tweet is a text-based posts of up to 140 characters and enables our school to the ability to provide quick updates on events, activities, meeting, etc. for all interested parties.[ How to Join our Twitter Feed ]  

Marine Elementary School was built in 1955.  The building currently houses kindergarten through grade five students.  The school is a two-story building with six regular education classes, one special education classes, a library, gymnasium, cafeteria, and individual rooms for keyboarding lab, music, art, and speech. The mission of our school is to develop in our students the knowledge, skills, respect, and responsibility necessary to conduct themselves as productive, responsible citizens of their locality, state, and nation.

Keep in touch with activities and events

Looking for ways to stay in touch with what is happening at Marine Elementary?  We offer parents two services that can deliver immediate information to your cell phone, smartphone or tablet device.  While we will continue our current practice to contact parents through the use of a pre-recorded voice message and building email distributions for such things as school event announcements, school closings, and other parent notifications. We also offer immediate notifications via SMS text message to registered family cell phones as well as a Twitter feed.  We enjoy hearing from so many families that appreciate our use of these systems last year and hope you will also consider registering.

Marine students piecing together character

Character Education remains a key focus here at Marine. This year staff members will be recognizing students that they see displaying positive character traits with a "caught you being good" puzzle ticket and the will place them in our building Character Book.  Every Friday the classroom puzzle tickets will be tallied and announced.  Individual student will be randomly drawn from the tickets recieved and be recognized with a certificate, free individual pizza from Pizza Man, and prize from the building office. Classrooms will also recieve puzzle pieces related to Marine Elementary and compete to finish the whole puzzle during the school year.  [ Download an order form from Kelly Tracy for our unique Character Education Sprit-Wear for 2012-13 ]

Online Cafeteria Accounts 

The Triad District is now able to offer parents the ability to manage their child's meal account balances through an online management service called  The service may be accessed via links through our Parent Resources webpage or directly via This service benefits students, parents and the school cafeteria.  Management of your child's account through this online service will ensure that they never have to worry about carrying cash for lunch purchases and having the money with them at the start of lunch service.  Using the service, parents can log in at any time to make a deposit to their child's account, view their child's account balance, set up recurring deposits to their child's account, set up e-mail notifications when their child's account falls below a certain dollar amount, or request a report showing what the child has purchased on their account. [Triad Food Service]

School Lunch Program

Marine Elementary students are enjoying using the Triad District’s new computerized point of sale cafeteria system at the start of this school year.  The new system has established every student with an account in the cafeteria that can be accessed by using a barcode based on their triad student ID.   At meal time, the students make their lunch selection and use an ID badge, as opposed to our traditional punch card, to track meal purchases and payments.  Currently, we are still taking food service payments via cash or check.  Students will continue to hand their deposit to their classroom teacher in the mornings. We appreciate receiving these transactions in envelopes with your child’s name clearly printed on the outside.  While the system will continue to accept cash and personal checks, we will eventually be able to offer parents the convenience of online check or credit card payments toward cafeteria purchases.  Daily food service menus are available online through Sodexo.

The payment system is not the only change in our cafeteria. Our students are also being introduced to a revamped school lunch menu this year. Enforced by the federal government and made effective July 1, the changes are part of a healthy school lunch initiative put forth in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.  The new guidelines establish calorie and sodium minimums and maximums for meals, require schools to offer a wider selection of fruits and vegetables, mandate that all milk be 1 percent or nonfat and require the use of whole grain.  Much more information can be found at

Virtual Backpack

Our schools “Virtual Backpack” is the District's effort to reduce the distribute of paper flyers, newsletters and other printed notices that traditionally have come home in our student’s take-home folders and backpacks. This area of our website is a courtesy to serving the needs of many area non-profit groups and other approved community organizations.

The site contains links to information for community educational & recreational events for our children and their families. Please be sure to visit the Virtual Backpack often, as the flyers and information are constantly changing!