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2016-17 Triad CUSD#2 Emerson Award

posted Sep 26, 2016, 4:17 PM by TCUSD Webmaster   [ updated Sep 26, 2016, 4:40 PM ]
Logan 4_Sharon139.JPG

Each year the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards program recognizes more than 100 educators — from kindergarten teachers to college professors — in the St. Louis metropolitan area who are examples of excellence in the field of education.  This Triad CUSD #2 would like to recognize Sharon Logan, 4th grade teacher at Marine Elementary . Sharon Logan has been teaching at Marine Elementary School for 19 years!  Her professionalism shines as she puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into making sure her students succeed.  Her classroom includes structure, consistent routines, innovative teaching strategies and a lot of care and concern for her students.

The students in Mrs. Logan’s classroom have a shared belief in the importance of learning.  Students in her class take pride in their work and are proud to boast about their accomplishments.  She sets high expectations and her students reach their mark! They celebrate their success together in a highly contagious classroom of cheers and kudos to their peers.  They assume responsibility for high quality work by making suggested revisions and helping each other without prompts.  Many times you can hear applause and cheers coming from inside her classroom as the entire class celebrates a student’s success in the area of math or reading.   Her classroom is a true community of helping others. Mrs. Logan uses all student assessments to help her make decisions and revisions to her teaching plans, so that she can best help her students on an individual basis.

Mrs. Logan is not afraid of a challenge.  She uses technology in her classroom on a daily basis, aligns instruction to the on the new Illinois  Learning Standards, embraces change (like  teaching a combined 3rd and 4th grade classroom) and makes learning fun! Mrs. Logan is an extraordinary educator and Triad is fortunate to share her expertise with students, colleagues and parents.