Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month
Posted on 11/26/2019
Teacher of the MonthBeginning this school year, the Troy, St. Jacob, Marine, Maryville Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Triad in recognizing a teacher each month. Congratulations to Michelle Dempsey for being selected as the December Chamber Teacher of the Month.  Dr. Dempsey is a 5th grade teacher at C. A. Henning Elementary.  Dr. Dempsey started her career at Triad Middle School in 1999.  She later moved to C. A. Henning Elementary to teach 5th grade.  Dr. Dempsey completed her doctorate degree in Curriculum Design in 2017 from McKendree University.  Dr. Dempsey is known for her kind, soft approach when working with students and colleagues on school projects.  Her humorous and calm personality helps to put students at ease at the most opportune times.

Dr. Dempsey is always one of the first to volunteer to help others.  Most recently, she led professional development on how to use IXL and how to use the resource to diagnose and analyze the students' work in order to personalize the practice for each student.  She prefers to work in teams and loves to collaborate with other teachers.

November 2019
Congratulations to Jeannine Butler for being selected as the November Chamber Teacher of the Month.  Dr. Butler is an Instructional Interventionist and Instructional Coach at Triad Middle School. Dr. Butler started her Triad career at TMS teaching special education.  In 2011, she moved to C. A. Henning Elementary to teach 3rd grade special education classes until the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Dr. Butler has been a student herself for several years as she received a Doctorate in Education in 2016.   Dr. Butler loves a challenge. She has written numerous grants to help our schools add a variety of instructional resources. Most recently she wrote the Lowe’s Grant for $5,000 to enhance the TMS Intervention program. In the midst of developing the TMS Learning Cafe, Dr. Butler is also currently working on her National Board Certification.  To begin the 2019-2020 school year, she was selected for the Rural Teacher Leadership Grant via TeachPLus Change Agent Program. Dr. Butler exemplifies the privilege and power of lifelong learning.

October 2019
 Mr. Brendel was chosen as the first Chamber Teacher for the month of October.  Mr. Brendel is the Triad High School Vocational Director and a vocational teacher.  Mr. Brendel leads by example.  His hard work, determination and innovation has a lot to do with the success of Triad's Career and Technology programs.  Project Lead the Way and the introduction of new courses have been instrumental in growing the district's Career and Technology Education program.  He is also known for his leadership on specific projects that have had a direct impact on Triad students.  Recently, he was awarded the Exemplary CTE Teacher Award in our region. Triad is also proud of his dedication to his Cross Country athletes.