Accelerated Placement and Early Entry into Kindergarten

The District provides an Accelerated Placement Program (APP). The APP advances the District’s goal of providing educational programs with opportunities for each student to develop to his or her maximum potential. The APP provides an educational setting with curriculum options usually reserved for students who are older or in higher grades than the student participating in the APP. APP options include, but may not be limited to: (a) accelerating a student in a single subject; (b) other grade-level acceleration; and (c) early entrance to kindergarten or first grade. Participation in the APP is open to students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from accelerated placement.

Early entry into kindergarten and accelerated placement is a decision made by a team of administrators, teachers, and parents or guardians. Assessments are conducted that include academic and social readiness factors. Requests for early entry into kindergarten or accelerated placement for the following year must be made by April 15 of the current year. Please contact your building principal or Amy Van Hoose, Director of K-8 Curriculum for more information.

Accelerated Placement Procedures

Amy Van Hoose